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20 Easy Ways to Substitute for Egg in Lasagna

Here are 20 easy ways to substitute for egg in lasagna including several vegan options, plus three delicious lasagna recipes you’ll love!

We all love a good lasagna recipe with delicious meat sauce and layers of cheesy goodness, and several recipes call for eggs.

If you’re allergic to eggs, or simply ran out, you’ll find the perfect substitute on this list.

Why are eggs used in lasagna?

Large square of layered lasagna on white dinner plate with green garnish.

Eggs work as a binding agent to help keep the lasagna layers of cheese and sauce together.

However, an egg is not actually needed to make a good lasagna.

Traditional lasagna consists of a cheese mixture, meat, tomato sauce, and noodles.

If a recipe does call for an egg, you’ll usually blend the egg with your cheese or ricotta mixture to help the lasagna set up better.

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Easy Ways to Substitute for Egg in Lasagna

There are plenty of ways to substitute for egg in lasagna depending on your health needs, food preferences, and taste.

Below you’ll find the best substitutes made from pantry staples, leftovers, and even vegan options, too!

Keep scrolling to find the best alternative for your specific needs!

1. Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce in a large black skillet next to ingredients including butter and milk.

A bechamel sauce is simply a white sauce made with flour, and water, usually a fat like oil or butter, and semi-soft cheese like parmesan cheese or mozzarella cheese.

Start by making a roux, and finish off with the addition of your preferred cheese.

A bechamel sauce is a great substitute to add creaminess and depth of flavor to your recipe, but probably won’t save on calories!

Add a little bit of sauce with each layer of lasagna to substitute for egg!

2. Plain Yogurt

Plain white yogurt in a large white bowl on a burlap cloth.

You can also use plain yogurt to substitute for egg. Just be sure to use full-fat yogurt or your lasagna will be watery.

Start with about 1/4 cup to replace one egg.

3. Tofu and Yogurt

Cubes of tofu piled in a brown bowl on cutting board with green garnish.

Tofu isn’t just for vegans! If you want a little more texture and creaminess you can add some silken tofu to your yogurt substitute. Simply blend a little bit of tofu with your yogurt until you reach your desired consistency.

This combo is a super healthy way to replace the egg in your dish.

4. Cream with Cornstarch

Large bowl of white cornstarch with wooden scoop next to bowl of corn kernels.

Here’s an easy substitute you can make from 2 humble pantry staples: cream and cornstarch! Beat your cream to thicken it and add a little bit of cornstarch as you go until the desired consistency.

Use about 1/4 cup of the mixture to replace 1 egg.

5. Cream with Potato Starch

Potatoes next to large bowl of potato starch with wooden spoon.

You can replace 1 egg with cream and potato starch the same way you would cornstarch. Heavy cream will provide the best results. Use as a 1 to 1 substitute!

6. Heavy Cream

Whipped heavy cream in a white bowl with whisk and bowl of white powder.

Whipped heavy cream can take the place of an egg on its own if you don’t have any starch on hand.

About 3 Tablespoons replace a whole egg and 1½ Tablespoons can replace egg whites or yolks.

7. Sour Cream

Sour cream in wooden bowl with wooden spoon on white and blue kitchen towel.

If you don’t mind a slightly more sour taste, you can substitute egg with 1/4 cup of sour cream. You can add corn or potato starch if desired for a little more thickness.

Sour cream can also help enhance the flavor of your cheese.

And you may even like sour cream better than egg in your lasagna!

8. More Ricotta or Mascarpone

Large wooden bowl filled with mascarpone cheese on a whitewashed kitchen table.

If you’re using ricotta or mascarpone in your lasagna recipe, you can simply increase the amount. This is a good substitute if you’re short on time.

Your lasagna will still be perfectly creamy and delicious and the flavor profile will stay exactly the same.

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Vegan Substitutes

If you’re making vegan lasagna, use one of the simple substitutes below. The texture and flavor of your dish may change slightly, but you’ll still have a delicious, egg-free lasagna in the end.

9. Flax Egg

Flax seeds in bowl with wooden spoon next to bowl of white starch.

A flax egg is the best egg substitute for vegans. You can use this in your lasagna and tons of other vegan recipes that require a binding agent.

Simply mix water with crushed flaxseed until you get a sticky consistency that looks like an egg.

You can make a flax egg with a ratio of 1 Tablespoon of flax to 3 Tablespoons of water.

10. Chia Seeds and Water

Large glass of water with chia seeds next to wooden spoon on checkered tablecloth.

Chia seeds and water are a similar substitute to flax egg. You can make a “chia egg” using 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds to 1½ Tablespoons of water to replace one whole egg.

11. Water and Arrowroot

Arrowroot next to large wooden bowl filled with arrowroot powder on white background.

Arrowroot and water is another sticky vegan binder that’s perfect for replacing eggs in lasagna. You can find arrowroot powder in most grocery stores now, or online.

Mix water and arrowroot with a ratio of 1 Tablespoon powder to 2 Tablespoons water to replace an egg.

12. Mashed Potatoes

Large bowl filled with mashed potatoes next to three whole potatoes on table.

If you have leftover mashed potatoes and nothing else on hand, you can use them to replace your egg! You’ll need about 1/4 cup for one egg.

Mashed potatoes will add a creamy and thick texture to your lasagna, perfect for replacing an egg!

13. Mashed Parsnip

Partial image of pureed parsnips in white bowl with green garnish.

You can use mashed parsnip to substitute for egg in lasagna the same way you would mashed potatoes.

Use as a 1 to 1 substitute for creaminess and body!

14. Pumpkin Puree

Large mound of pureed pumpkin in a wooden bowl with wooden spoon.

If you don’t mind a slightly different flavor and color in your lasagna, you can use pureed or mashed pumpkin just like you would mashed potatoes or parsnips.

This is the perfect substitute for egg in the fall and winter months. You can even play up the pumpkin with a little nutmeg and sage.

15. Zucchini Puree

Knife with sliced zucchini and a whole zucchini on a table.

You’ll need about 1/4 cup of zucchini puree to replace one egg. This is a healthy, vegan alternative and a great way to use up extra zucchini from your garden.

However, it may make your lasagna slightly runny. To avoid this, ring out excess moisture by putting your pureed zucchini in a cloth.

Then, squeeze out as much liquid as possible before adding it to your dish.

16. Applesauce

Square glass bowl filled with applesauce next to whole and cut apples.

Plain, unsweetened applesauce may seem like a bit of a stretch to replace egg in lasagna, but it’s a popular vegan egg replacement. And this is especially true for baked recipes like muffins and cakes.

If you don’t have anything else on hand, give it a try and see how you like it!

Use 1/4 cup to replace 1 egg.

17. Avocado

Sliced avocado next to small brown bowl of mashed avocado and wooden spoon.

Here’s another healthy alternative that may help to lower your cholesterol. If you’re looking to improve your health and don’t mind a slightly different taste and look to your lasagna, give mashed avocado a try!

Again, you’ll use about 1/4 cup to replace 1 egg. Blend it with your cheese or vegan cheese mixture and layer your lasagna as usual.

18. Vegan Cheese Sauce

Vegan cheese sauce in a glass jar next to a bowl of chia seeds.

If you’ve got a killer vegan cheese sauce recipe, don’t be afraid to try it in your lasagna! Creamy, vegan cheese is a great substitute for egg and will enhance the flavor of your recipe!

Start with about 1/4 cup and use more if desired.

19. Aquafaba

Chickpeas in a strainer with aquafaba liquid draining into glass mixing bowl.

Aquafaba is another popular vegan egg substitute and you probably already have some in your pantry! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the liquid leftover in canned beans.

It has a starchy thick, liquid consistency, similar to an egg.

To use aquafaba, simply drain a can of beans into a bowl.

You’ll need 3 Tablespoons to replace one egg.

20. Leave it Out

Opened cardboard carton of eggs with no eggs inside on white background.

If you don’t have an egg, or can’t put together a suitable substitute, you can always leave it out. You don’t technically need an egg to make a killer lasagna.

Your recipe may be slightly runnier or more “loose” than you’re used to, but it will taste just the same!

Yummy Recipes to Try

Now that you’ve read through the best ways to substitute for egg in lasagna, here are some delicious lasagna recipes to satisfy your cravings.

Best Ever Lasagna Made with Cottage Cheese

White baking dish with cottage cheese lasagna all on white table.

Healthy and Delicious Lasagna Zucchini Boats

Two lasagna zucchini boats and gold fork on a plate with fresh basil leaves scattered nearby.

Healthy Turkey Lasagna Soup

Bowls of lasagna soup on countertop with slices of bread and kitchen towel nearby.

If you’re missing any other lasagna ingredients, check out these easy substitutes below: