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18 Terrific Ways to Substitute for Chickpeas

Here are 18 terrific ways to substitute for chickpeas in all your favorite dishes, including curry, falafel, hummus, and baking!

Need a good substitute for chickpeas?

This list includes close matches for chickpeas when the grocery store is out of stock. And you’ll also find low-carb options, options for those with a legume allergy, and stand-ins for those who simply don’t like chickpeas.

Chickpeas 101

Large wooden bowl filled with dried chickpeas on a tan background.

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are part of the legume family. They’re available fresh, dried, or canned. And they’re an ideal meat replacement for vegans. 1 cup provides 14.4 grams of protein!

One of the other health benefits of chickpeas is that they’re also an excellent source of fiber, manganese, folic acid, and copper.

Chickpeas are a popular ingredient in Asian countries and Middle Eastern, African, and Mediterranean cuisines. But they’re becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

They’re a versatile ingredient. And you can use them for spreads, soups, salads, and more.

They’re readily available in grocery stores and usually come in the beige variety. But, there are also black, green, and red chickpeas.

But, if your grocery store is out of stock, you have an allergy to chickpeas, or simply don’t like the taste, you can try one of the simple chickpea alternatives below!

NOTE: 1 cup dried chickpeas = 2½ cups cooked

Easy Ways to Substitute for Chickpeas

1. Black Beans

Black beans on a large wooden spoon and wooden cutting board with burlap.

Black beans or turtle beans are common in American, Mexican, and Caribbean dishes. And you can enjoy them in recipes like coconut rice with black beans, zucchini black bean and rice skillet, cowboy caviar, creamy taco soup, and white chicken chili.

They have a mild, earthy flavor and sweet taste. And the smooth texture makes them a great substitute for chickpeas in chilis, soups, salsas, and dips.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your dish.

2. Green Peas

Bright green peas in a clear glass kitchen bowl on wooden cutting board.

This substitute might surprise you. But, green peas make a good replacement for chickpeas in several dishes. They do have a distinct flavor that’s different from chickpeas. So they’re great for those who simply don’t like chickpeas.

Green peas are popular in pasta salads like this dill pickle pasta salad. And they’re a great ingredient for soups and stews like creamy chicken noodle soup, Crock Pot hamburger stew, and rice dishes like Hawaiian haystacks.

They can also replace chickpeas in green hummus, meat and fish dishes, green salads, and porridge. Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your recipe.

3. Split Peas

Close up of split peas on a wooden kitchen spoon over a pile of peas.

Split peas are close to green peas but are dried and peeled. They have a sweet taste and creamy texture when cooked.

And they’re a great substitute for chickpeas in meat and seafood dishes, stews, soups, and chowders. Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute.

4. Mung Beans

Glass bowl filled with light green mung beans on a blue kitchen towel.

This substitute is another popular vegan staple. Mung beans are highly nutritious. And they’re a great source of protein, B vitamins, and fiber.

They’re a great replacement for chickpeas in soups and stews and go they go well with rice dishes and recipes for Asian cuisine.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your dish.

5. Green Lentils

Large pile of green lentils on kitchen cloth with wooden kitchen spoon.

Just like chickpeas, there are several varieties of lentils. Green lentils have a peppery flavor. And they’re a great replacement for chickpeas in salads and mixed with herbs in a spread.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your recipe.

6. Red Lentils

Red lentils in a large wooden bowl and rustic wooden scoop.

Red lentils have a sweet flavor. And they’re a great source of folic acid and fiber. They’re best used to substitute for chickpeas in salads, soups, and purees.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute.

7. Yellow-Brown Lentils

Yellow-brown lentils in a small clear glass kitchen bowl over shredded burlap cloth.

The brown/yellow variety of lentils has a more earthy taste. And they make a great substitute for chickpeas in stews and broths.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your dish.

8. Lima Beans

Small brown bowl of white butter beans on pile of dried butter beans.

Lima beans, also known as butter beans, have a creamy, buttery flavor. And they’re great for stews, chilis, and casseroles. You can use them to substitute for chickpeas, 1-to-1 in these kinds of recipes.

But, keep in mind, that they can turn bitter when cooked for too long.

9. Pinto Beans

Close up overhead view of pinto beans in a small white bowl on wooden table.

The star of refried beans, pinto beans, make a great replacement for chickpeas in stews, chilis, and casseroles. They have a creamy texture and an earthy, nutty flavor.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your dish.

10. Great Northern Beans

Large black bowl filled with northern white beans on a grass cloth mat.

White beans like great northern beans, make a great substitute for chickpeas in both flavor and texture. The creamy texture and nutty flavor of great northern beans make them an ideal substitute for chickpeas in white chili, stews, soups, and salads.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your recipes.

11. Navy Beans

Small burlap bag of navy beans spills out onto a grass cloth mat.

Navy beans, also called pea beans, were a long-time staple food in the US navy. They have a velvety texture and mild, nutty flavor. These small white beans are great for soups, stews, and chilis.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute for chickpeas.

12. Cannellini Beans

Dried cannellini beans next to a clay bowl of cooked cannellini beans.

This substitute is the closest in flavor to chickpeas. Cannellini beans, also known as white kidney beans, have a mellow, buttery taste.

They’re an ideal substitute for chickpeas in hummus and spreads. They’re also a great replacement for vegetable, fish, and meat dishes.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute.

13. Kidney Beans

Dark red kidney beans in a white bowl on a white wood table.

These red-colored kidney beans are most often used for chili recipes like Cincinnati chili (spaghetti with chili sauce), recipes for baked beans, and soups like Crock Pot minestrone soup.

So they’re a great substitute for chickpeas in these kinds of foods.

But while they have a similar flavor to chickpeas, they will change the color of your dish. Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your recipe.

14. Soya Beans

Soy milk in glass jars next to large wooden ladle filled with soy beans.

Soya beans (soybeans) have a very mild, “grassy”, “beany” flavor and they’re a great source of protein. They provide 16.6 grams per cup.

So they’re another great staple food for vegans. And they’re used to make tofu, tempeh, and vegan cheese.

They have the same texture as chickpeas so they’re a great substitute for stews, broths, or rice and noodle dishes. Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute.

15. Edamame

Unshelled edamame in a white bowl on wooden table next to chopsticks and salt.

Young green soybeans, or edamame, have a creamier texture compared to mature soybeans. They’re popular in Asian recipes. And they’re often eaten on their own as a snack or appetizer.

If you like to snack on roasted chickpeas, roasted edamame is a great substitute. And they’re also a great substitute for chickpeas in stews and cold salads.

Use them as a 1-to-1 substitute in your dish.

16. Peanuts

Peanut oil in clear glass jar surrounded by whole and shelled peanuts.

Most people don’t know that peanuts are actually legumes like chickpeas! And they’re also called groundnut or earthnut.

Peanuts are a good source of healthy fats and protein and are great for adding crunch to a salad. You can also use them as a chickpea substitute in pureed dips, stews, and slow-cooked recipes.

Peanuts make a great healthy snack and the perfect chickpea replacement in baked desserts like cookies, cakes, and dessert bars. If you’re going to use them as a replacement for chickpeas in baking, you’ll need to grind them using a food processor and may need to add a little more liquid.

17. Hazelnuts

A large mound of hazelnuts spill out of a brown bowl on a wooden table.

Hazelnuts are crunchier than chickpeas, but they have a similar flavor.

They’re a great chickpea substitute for baked recipes like cookies, biscotti, cakes, and tarts. And they’re also a good alternative for chickpeas in seafood dishes and salads.

And if you’re allergic to legumes, hazelnuts are a perfect replacement. Like peanuts, you’ll need to grind the hazelnuts to use them in any baked goods.

18. Cashews

Woman spreads vegan cashew cheese from a bowl onto piece of bread.

Cashews have a similar color to chickpeas. And they have a similar creamy texture when blended or pureed.

Their rich, nutty flavor makes them an ideal chickpea substitute for baked goods and spreads like hummus.

However, nuts like cashews, hazelnuts, and peanuts are often much more expensive than chickpeas.

Substitutes for Common Uses

Two carrots stick out of a bowl of hummus next to carrots on a table.


Curries are incredibly versatile and forgiving. And you can easily personalize them with your favorite ingredients and seasonings.

The best substitute for chickpeas in curry:

If you need a good substitute for chickpeas in curry, you can try cannellini beans and lentils.

Cannellini beans have the most similar taste to chickpeas. And lentils are already a common ingredient in curries.

You can also make curry using cauliflower if you want to steer clear of legumes and beans.


Like curry, there are many variations for hummus. And you can personalize a recipe with your favorite ingredients, herbs, and seasonings.

Common hummus recipes that don’t use chickpeas are:

  • Sweet potato hummus
  • Black bean hummus
  • White bean hummus
  • Pumpkin hummus
  • Cauliflower hummus
  • Edamame hummus
  • Split pea hummus
  • Cashew hummus

The Ideal substitute for chickpeas in hummus:

But again, cannellini beans are the closest in flavor, so they make the most ideal chickpea substitute for hummus.


Looking for the best substitute for chickpeas in falafel?

There are a few options!

Green lentils and soya beans make great substitutes for chickpeas in falafel.

Green lentils have a peppery, grassy flavor that lends well to the other ingredients in traditional falafel.

Soya beans also have a mild, “grassy”, “beany” flavor.

And each of these substitutes has a great texture for falafel.


If you need a substitute for chickpeas in baking, there are several options to choose from.

Hazelnuts, cashews, and peanuts are the best substitutes for chickpeas in baking. They’re each rich, nutty, crunchy, and creamy when blended. And they pair well with sweet ingredients.

You can already find these substitutes in many recipes for baking, so they’re each ideal for replacing chickpeas.


And if you need a good low carb substitute for chickpeas, you can try soybeans and peanuts.

They’re a good source of protein, perfect for those following the keto diet, and they’re great for substituting chickpeas in a variety of dishes.


Can I use kidney beans instead of chickpeas?

Yes. White kidney beans and red kidney beans are great replacements for chickpeas in a variety of dishes. White kidney beans, or cannellini beans, are the closest in flavor. But, you can use each as a substitute for chickpeas.

Are cannellini beans and chickpeas the same?

Cannellini beans and chickpeas are not the same. However, they are similar in taste. You can use cannellini beans (also known as white kidney beans) to substitute for chickpeas in soups, stews, chilis, salads, and spreads.

What can chickpeas replace in baking?

Chickpeas can replace hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, and other nuts in baking. You can also use ground chickpea flour instead of white flour for baked recipes. And you can use the liquid leftover from canned chickpeas (aquafaba) as a vegan egg replacement in baking.

Yummy Recipes to Try

And here are some easy and delicious recipes using chickpeas to test out your favorite substitute from above!

Cilantro Chickpea Salad With Avocado And Feta

Fork rests on beige plate of cilantro chickpea salad with feta.

Delicious Calico Baked Beans with Ground Beef and Bacon

Cowboy baked beans in dutch oven with wooden spoon and striped towel nearby.

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