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The 26 Best No Bake Halloween Treats

Here are 26 easy and delicious no bake Halloween treats the whole family will love! They’re spooky, fun, creative, and oh-so delicious!

One of the best things about any holiday is the yummy treats you get to make and eat.

And Halloween season is no different!

If you need some fun and easy desserts for the month of October, this post is sure to provide some inspiration.

We’re sharing 26 of the best no bake Halloween treats that require no oven time. And they’re so easy even kids can help.

You’ll find creative semi-homemade recipes using classic sweets and snacks we all know and love.

They’re perfect for a last-minute neighbor gift, a Halloween party dessert, or a special handout for trick-or-treaters!

No Bake Halloween Treats

Pretzels and Snack Mixes

Here are some of our favorite Halloween snack mixes and treats using pretzels. They’re easy to make and filled with crunchy sweet and salty goodness.

Seven white chocolate ghost pretzels on gray square plate with plastic spiders nearby.
Ghost Pretzels
These sweet and salty chocolate-covered ghost pretzels are the perfect Halloween dessert for kids! And you'll only need 3 ingredients!
Chocolate pretzel spider webs with candy eyes on white platter.
Pretzel Spider Webs
These spooky-cute pretzel spider webs feature crunchy pretzels, drizzled chocolate, and candy eyes. They're so easy to make and the perfect Halloween dessert for kids!
Halloween snack mix with popcorn, candy, and pretzels on orange pumpkin platter.
Halloween Snack Mix with Popcorn
This Halloween Snack Mix with Popcorn is the perfect holiday treat! With sweet and salty pieces like pretzels, candy corn, peanuts, and chocolate candies, it's sure to be gone in minutes!

You can also try:

No Bake Halloween Treats with Cookies

We love these spooky-cute Halloween treats made with cookies. And you will too! They’re sweet, chocolatey, crunchy, and totally addicting!

Several Nutter Butter ghosts with chocolate chip eyes on pink plate.
Ghoulish Nutter Butter Ghosts
These Nutter Butter Ghosts feature the popular peanut butter cookie covered in white chocolate with chocolate chip eyes. They're super simple to make and perfect for any spooky party!
Close up of witch hat cookies with Halloween sprinkle decorations on white plate.
Brew-tiful Witch Hat Cookies
These Witch Hat Cookies are festive and fun for the Halloween holiday! You'll only need a few ingredients and a little hocus pocus to bring these hats to life.
Close up of Oreo bats on black plate with white moon.
Spooktacular Oreo Bats
These Oreo Bats feature the classic sandwich cookie and Reese's! Your kids will love helping make these spooky-fun Halloween treats and you'll love the fact that they're no-bake.
Oreo eyeballs with colorful gummy candies on black plate.
Oreo Eyeballs
These gooey Oreo eyeballs feature the classic sandwich cookie, colorful candy pieces, and red icing gel. They're scarily sweet and the perfect spooky Halloween dessert for any party!

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Other Yummy No Bake Treats

And here are some no bake treats featuring delicious base ingredients like brownies, rice Krispies, and pudding. Everyone will be impressed by these crave-able and frightening desserts!

NOTE: The ghost brownies call for making your own batch, but you can skip that step and grab some store-bought brownies to keep it no-bake!

Ghost brownies with marshmallows and frosting gel faces on white platter.
Boo-licious Ghost Brownies
Ghost brownies are an easy Halloween dessert, featuring boxed brownie mix, vanilla frosting, and ghost-faced marshmallows. They are a boo-licious and festive holiday treat!
Four Halloween dirt cups with cookies and gummy worms on white table with paper bats in background.
Creepy Crawly Halloween Dirt Cups
These creepy crawly Halloween Dirt Cups feature simple ingredients like sandwich cookies, gummy worms, and pre-made pudding. You won't believe how easy they are to make and how fun they are to eat!
Spider donuts with pretzel legs and candy eyes on wood cutting board.
Frightfully Fun Spider Donuts
These simple Spider Donuts feature mini chocolate-covered donuts, pretzel legs, and candy eyes. They're a little frightful and a lot of fun!
Nine rice krispie mummies with candy eyes on black baking rack.
Mummy Rice Krispie Treats
These yummy mummy Rice Krispie treats feature the classic pre-made bars drizzled with white chocolate and finished with candy eyes. They're semi-homemade and a great Halloween dessert for kids!

And here are even more festive treats to try:


What do you give for Halloween treats?

Store-bought candy is the typical Halloween handout. But, if you want to do something different and more creative, you can give out mini no bake treats and desserts.

Here are some easy ideas to try:

– Nutter Butter white chocolate dipped ghost cookies
– Pretzel spider webs
– Chocolate-covered mini donut spiders
– Oreo eyeballs with lifesavers and M&Ms
– Oreo bat cookies with Reese’s cups

Individually wrap your no bake treats in a plastic party bag to keep them fresh and easy for kids to store with their other treats and candy.

I hope you found some new and delicious Halloween treats to try this season!


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